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Arrival and Depature

Each child must be signed in and out of the preschool by an adult. This is a condition of our license (this is a legal document). The sign in/out sheets are located in the child’s locker room.

Please bring your child into the preschool and collect him/her from the playroom at the end of the session and make contact with staff. This provides you with the opportunity to exchange information with teachers and thus form a close link between home and preschool.

If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child from preschool, you must notify the teachers and make a note in the comment section on the sign-in sheet. The person collecting your child must be authorized in your enrolment form, and must make contact with one of the teachers before taking your child home. If authorised person is unknown to staff, proof of identity must be provided.

What To Bring


Sharing a birthday with preschool friends is lots of fun. If you would like your child to do this, please provide 30 cupcakes on the preschool day closest to your child’s birthday. No other cakes are acceptable for hygiene reasons. Please write a list of all ingredients used in the cakes, as some children may experience an allergic reaction if given certain products.


Parents are asked to dress children appropriately for play. A full change of clothes is essential for ALL children as they will be involved in a variety of water and messy play activities. Accidents can also occur through spillage and toileting (even if your child is toilet-trained).

Dress your children in clothing that is easy for them to manage, and please encourage the use of sturdy shoes- no scuffs or thongs, please- these are dangerous in the preschool setting and can be the cause of serious accidents.

Children will need a broad-brimmed hat or legionnaire’s hat for outdoor play and shirts, dresses and tops with sleeves – no singlet tops,please –this is a condition of the Preschool’s Sun Protection Policy. All clothing must be clearly labelled with your child’s name or initials. This applies to all children’s belongings, including hats, coats, shoes, socks, jumpers, lunch boxes, drink bottles and school bags. Teachers cannot be responsible for lost items.

Teachers cannot be responsible for lost items. The preschool has available broad-brimmed hats, t-shirts and sloppy joes (printed with the preschool logo) for sale.