Parent Involvement

We welcome and encourage the involvement of all parents/families at our service. Your ideas, experiences and skills are greatly valued and will enable us to extend each child’s interests, abilities and knowledge. There are many ways for your family to be involved. We understand that our busy lives can’t always afford the time, however any contribution no matter how big or small is much appreciated. Here are just a few ideas.

Your Occupation or Hobby

Your child loves you and when they get to preschool all they talk about is you. You are the most important person in their world. We welcome all parents to the service to talk about their occupation or hobby (eg music, craft, cooking). Everything parents do interest children and these talks are the best educational resources you can provide for the service. We use information that has come from discussions about occupations and hobbies in our programming and the ideas explored from parent talks can last for weeks.

Your Home Culture

Your home culture is most welcome in our service. We would greatly appreciate if you were able to share with our service aspects of your culture and family life. This would assist us to enrich the lives of all our families and children.

two girls play with prams
Garden beds that are maintained with the help of parent volunteers

Parent Help Roster

Each term parents/carers are rostered onto a parent help roster to help in the Preschool from 9.00am to approximately 11.00am. This involves interacting with the children, assisting in activities, assisting children at morning tea time and helping to keep the Preschool tidy. Your contribution and involvement in the Preschool roster is worthwhile and valuable. It provides the opportunity for parents to join in activities with the children, to meet your child’s Preschool friends and to learn more about the Preschool.


Our excursions rely on the wonderful support of parent volunteers to meet our legal requirements.

Working Bees

We also require help in maintaining and upgrading the Preschool which helps to reduce the costs. We generally have one working bee per semester and have maintenance projects throughout the year.


The Preschool holds fundraising activities throughout the year to raise funds to improve the facilities, replace equipment and purchase new equipment. Fundraising contributions have benefited generations of families and in turn our local community.

Committee of Management

The management of the preschool is governed by a Management Committee comprising of elective representative of parents that is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in March each year. The committee plays a key role in ensuring our organisation fulfils its goal of delivering high quality early childhood education to the community.